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This is the perfect gift for everyone with feet...Invigorate Foot Cream is tingly and inviograting with soft fuzzy socks to compliment the mood.


4oz Invigorate Foot Cream

1 Pair of Fuzzy Socks (color varies)

Invigorate Foot Cream was designed to bring overworked feet back to life. We spend so much time using our feet but spend little time caring for them. Made w/a rich combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and paired w/pure therapeutic grade frankincense and lavender essential oils, this formula can be used anytime you need to soothe and invigorate your tootsies or:

Ø  You spend all day on your feet;

Ø  your feet are dry, calloused and/or sore;

Ø  every night before bed.

My inspiration for this formula was a surgery that I had on my foot. After not being able to walk for months, I truly learned to appreciate my feet and everything they do for me. They let me run so I can keep up with my kiddo, they allow me to dance and stand on my tippy toes when I kiss. So I designed this formula as a proactive approach to pampering my feet. Every night after I shower I use Invigorate. To activate its invigorating powers simply let a small amount melt to your body temperature, inhale deeply as you massage from your calves to your toes. Put on some fuzzy socks and depending on the day get some hot tea or a glass of wine, kick up your feet and enjoy.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Peppermint & Lavender Essential Oils & Vitamin E Oil



"I love this foot cream! It really works so well. I use it nightly" ~ Annonomous ~Texas

"I love it! I use it nightly. Seriously it is divine and it doesn't take much so it's lasting a long time!" ~ Annanomous ~ Arizona

"OMG I'm dying over the way my feet feel after using this! Your butter kills. I need a gallon!" ~ R.A. ~ California