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  • Intuitive Eating  Are you ready to be done with all the misconceptions of food that you currently hold and reestablish your relationship with food. It begins with an honest assessment of your current relationship with food, click here to take the quiz.

  • Healthy Plant Based Eating  Are you interested in switching to a healthier, plant-based way of eating? It can be hard to navigate the plant-based market, I will help you understand how to take a nutrient dense, whole food approach.
  • Women’s Health  Women have different nutrition needs are different cycles in our lives. I can help you navigate your journey from childbearing years and beyond.

  • Infant and child nutrition A baby's first foods can establish a healthy, lifelong relationship with food. Showing children through action is the best way to teach them. 

  • Insulin Resistance, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Did you know that you have more control over your health than you think? Learn how adjusting your eating habits can help to make drastic changes in your overall health.

  • Digestive Ailments  An unhealthy gut biome is that cause of so much dis-ease of the body. Common issues such as gas, bloating and pain are not normal and a sign of dis-ease. I can help you understand your bodies personal relationship with food so you can begin to digest, absorb and assimilate your nutrients properly.

  • Skin Care Consultations Focusing on simple, effective and natural ingredients, I will help pair you with formulas that best suit your personal skincare needs.


  • Group Detox Program  Dynamic programs designed for people that are highly motivated to change their lives and relationship with food. These programs are bring together small groups of people that wish to detoxify their minds, bodies and homes with support from others at the same point in their journey. There are 



  • Hire me to speak with your group about any of the topics listed above. I conduct workshops from large corporations to small, intimate, hands-on sessions for new parents to learn about best practices. Workshops are customizable to offer the most impact possible. Contact me about your group to discuss a personalized workshop to fit your needs.

  • Interviews - Sharing this information is very important. I am happy to do interviews, podcasts, radio, print and television. Contact me if you are interested in having me on your platform. Check out a few of my interviews/discussions below:


  • Cabinet Clean Out - In-person in Orange County, CA & Video Conference available. This is a great way to remove additional toxins from your environment. I will help you remove items that you don't need and help you to learn how to replace them.

    • Full Package - Includes: Kitchen - Pantry/Freezer/Fridge Cleanout; Bathroom/Personal Care Product Cleanout; Laundry & Cleaning Cabinet Cleanout
    • Kitchen Only - Includes: Pantry/Freezer/Fridge Cleanout
    • Bathroom/Laundry Only - Includes: Bathroom/Laundry & Cleaning Supplies
  • Grocery Store Tour - It can be overwhelming with so many options in the stores, I will teach you to see past the pretty labels and make sure you know how to puchace whole, nutrient dense foods for you and your family.
  • Meet Me at the Market -  Join me at the local farmers market, for a guided tour where you will learn how to pick fresh produce, meet your local farmers and establish relationships with other makers from your community. Markets vary weekly.