About Us

Here at laguna Lilly, we strive to uphold a gold standard of using a holistic approach to beauty. Only high-quality, plant-based ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free go into the production of our products!

We ensure that no toxins or preservatives are ever added to our products. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring our products, methods, and packaging are none harmful to the

Our philosophy is simple;
Flourish the way nature intended!





Stephanie is a busy mother of two who understands the importance of excellent self-care! She knows that we (as women) don't always have a lot of time to create products that surpass industry standards. Stephanie learned the hard way that what we put in and ON our bodies matters!

Like the rest of us, Stephanie is just an average girl who lives in this world too! Eating fast food and using over-the-counter skincare products was how she lived, and she considered her health to be moderate at best.

Losing her mother to cancer at a young age, she vowed to find a way to bring natural, holistic products to women everywhere. She knew there had to be a better way.

Her company Laguna Lily was born from the promise she made on that fateful day.

As the owner/founder of Laguna Lily, she prides herself on using only the best, organic, therapeutic products out there. She's done the research, studied through trial and error, and became a certified nutrition coach to provide women with the nutrition support, nutritional supplements and skin care products in the market today.

On her journey to improve her self-care, health, and feel great; her goal has also been to bring women the body butter she has developed and her knowledge of how to best care for themselves.

Because of Stephanie's hard work, we now know we have a product that we can enjoy without harming ourselves or feeling guilty!

Wholesome, unapologetic skincare is what Laguna Lily strives to provide.