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About Us

Here at Laguna Lily, we uphold the gold standard of using a holistic approach to beauty. Only high-quality, plant-based ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free go into the production of our products!

We ensure that no toxins or preservatives are ever added to our products. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by ensuring our products, methods, and packaging are none harmful to the

Our philosophy is simple;
Flourish the way nature intended!





Hi! I'm Stephanie. I'll go quick with the boring stats: Mom of 2, Herbalist, Nutrition Consultant, Animal Lover (but Cats rule), Plant Based since 2016, vegetarian prior to that for many years and pescetarian before that...I've had a journey let me tell ya...but that's why we are here so let's get to it....

My life has had so many twists and turns, it has been a roller coaster of experiences from the highest highs to pretty low lows. I always like to make sure people know that I am coming from a place of genuine understanding. I am far from perfect. I used to have acne, I have dealt with depression and binge eating.  So, while I am not perfect, I am perfectly me and I am an example of what can happen if you choose to make beneficial changes in your lifestyle. That is why I like to help other people because I know it is possible to shed those extra pounds, have healthy, glowing skin and feel comfortable in the skin you are in.

There are lots of areas of my life that had to change, I had to fully embrace that you are what you eat, and that true beauty comes from being healthy. Healthy and balanced in Mind, Body and Soul. When I ate very healthy, I would always feel good but if i wasn't incorporating enough movement I would still feel sluggish. If I was moving enough but super stressed out, I would still feel tight and stiff and experience digestive issues. I had to find ways to incorporate changes in all areas of my life to do this and it has taken years of learning and growing (which I am still doing right now) but most importantly implementing all of the wellness and self-care principals that I know.

Now I am simply bursting at the seams with information and overflowing with passion! I love helping people see that it can be better, you can feel better, you can move better, you can live better...we don't have to be comfortable being uncomfortable anymore.

 Check out my interview on for my full back story.